Friday, December 30, 2011

Organizing Art Supplies

Happy New Year Everybody
Today I'm organizing my art supplies in the studio
OK let's call this my New Year's Resolution.

Art supplies are expensive, but what good are they if always kept tucked tightly away in their original tins & boxes (reminds me of fine dinner china we bring out occasionally). That is not very conducive to creativity when it becomes a chore to open & repack art supplies. 
I'm looking for a better way...
So here it is, my new Philosophy, it's something to help me stay actively creative in my space. I'm going to start throwing away all the original packaging, boxes & tins that my supplies came in 
(OK store some & recycle others)......But my point is,
to keep them opened & available at all times...
no more unpacking & repacking. 
Besides, I can always tell when I'm not being very creative, because my studio is all neat & clean. Well,  I'm not against keeping my studio tidy, but not to the point I have been.
I will continue to search for more ideas,
for a start, here is what I did today; (double click to see full view)
Say goodbye to the tucked away storage concept
Invest in good open-storage systems
Find fun new creative ways to store supplies.
I used cute old cookie tins, jam jars & a Lazy Susan.

Now the pencils are at my fingertips.
 Unpacked my Golden's too 
Fun birds handmade by friend Kim Brian Sorden
owner of Magic Fairy Candles
Grab your party hats
Happy New Year Everybody
You can always double click to super size


  1. LOve your studio!! The Party birds have found a home....

  2. Thank you Anonymous one for your supportive kind words.

  3. I like the photos showing so, so much creativity. Happy 2012! Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  4. What an awesome studio. I love the tins for your colored pencils.

  5. wow! What a fantastic place you work in. Soooo many coloured pencils. Little girls would love to spend time there...mmm in fact "I" would love to spend time there. Found you via the Comment Challenge, Laurie.

  6. Super cool & great inspiration! I work on a computer in the laundry room so I need to spice up my environs a bit. :)

  7. Love the visuals! I am much more apt to sit down to my manuscript if my laptop is open and inviting. But it's definitely not as awesomely colorful as tins of art supplies! What a great space you're creating for yourself!!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful supplies. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nice! So organized and inviting! Well done!

  10. Not only did you inspire me to get better organized, but to brighten up my studio a bit more.

  11. So colorful - I love it! All my colored pencils have an organized home outside of their original tins, but I noticed today that I still have the tins they came in tucked in a box in the closet. What's up with that? They probably have a scientific term for artists who do that... ;)

  12. I loved looking at your pictures. Looking at other artist studios always makes me want to go and do art.

  13. Beautiful! I work from home so I was always putting everything away at night. I got sick of it so I put up a bulletin board and created a space where I could stick my millions of sticky notes. Now all I need is a colourful tin like yours for my pens/pencil. My husband and I are in the process of converting our garage into a living room so hopefully we will soon have a place for him to draw that isn't the kitchen table.

  14. So you are a visual organizer, too! My husband just doesn't understand that I need to SEE the books that are next to review and that the piles of paper on my computer desk really are my to-do list in concrete form.

    Looking forward to seeing what lovely art springs forth from your exuberant - and well-organized - studio! (found you through MotherReader & Lee Wind's Comment Challenge)

  15. Hot diggity dog ziggity boom, I blinked & look at all my awesomazing comments. Yes, I am behind in my blogging...Hey, I never said I was a writer...But I do enjoy discovering special connections amongst you, as I read through your blogs too. Thank you & smiles to all

  16. Your material arrangements are as artistic as your paintings - makes me want to draw.

  17. I love all the artwork! What a way to inspire creativity. And the branch!!! Love it. Now... where will I find a bare branch like that??? Ooh... my back yard. See ya.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. "Open storage" is good advice, I think. I struggle with how to organize craft supplies while keeping them easily accessible and keeping my workspace tidy enough to work. There are times when my work table is so cluttered I don't have room to work.

    I find a cluttered space clutters my mind which has a negative effect on creative productivity. But having materials easily accessible is essential, knowing I have to dig through storage tubs also has a negative effect on creative productivity.

    The balance between organization and accessibility is difficult. I think ample space and ample open storage is the answer, but I'm not sure I'll ever really have those!

  19. Love the liberated supplies and the stunning wall illustration.

    Thanks for sharing!