Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yarn Bombing Graffiti

The Art of Yarn Bombing & Crochet Graffiti

"To brighten the world with color"
It's really something special to see and I hope you too have seen, or will see Yarn Bombing!
This is a collection of art, some I’ve photographed and/or gathered from Google search. I tried my best to source the owners of these images but most were just floating around with unknown sources. I'm sorry, I wish I could give credit to all those who brought these to us. If you are the owner/creator of any of these Artworks please contact me so I can credit your name. Most photos were taken in Seattle, Denver, Oregon, Denmark, Netherlands, Mexico & Paris.  I have enjoyed seeing this colorful art throughout the world while visiting various countries over a spread of many years.

“Yarn Bombing,” is an act of street art where knitters & crocheters knit or crochet yarn on public objects. I read it began in 2004 in the Netherlands. It has since spread as a worldwide phenomenon, with yarn being wrapped around trees, bike racks, huge buses, cars & even giant public statues.

Remember before you start, get permission!
Make sure you have permission from the town.
I think it's best to start on your own property & then maybe branch out.
If you have an idea for a much larger installation (like a sweater on a public statue), talk to your local government or art council to gain permission.

*Also, it's very important to make sure you have a plan with a set date to take down your yarn. Yarn bombing is temporary. If you’re going to put something up, set a date to take it down that’s a few weeks out to avoid mucky yarn!