Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life Book #1

This is January 2012
Time to Start a New Journal Art Book. 

So, I began taking a Journal Art class called "Life Book" via the web. The cool thing is there are 900 make that 1225+ students & 15 17 instructors, from all over the world.  The teachers are tops in their fields, and this is a big opportunity to learn from the best of the best...........crème de la crème.

If YOU are interested in enrolling, it is not too late to join. The class goes on for a full year.  You can go at your own pace and we get to learn tons of new art techniques.
Click here, this is the link to the class to enroll;
LIFE BOOK class link
And This Is the Course Outline for the Entire Year

Step 1. It always starts with blank Fabriano Hot Press Paper

Here is the 1st page. The assignment was titled "My Superpower's".  It is about yourself....me....and I'm to list my superpowers on the fold-out flap side. Everyone has special traits, characteristics, qualities, attributes... the hard part is listing them. Narrow them down to your finest qualities. I haven't done that yet... I used color pencil & Pen & ink with 2 rhinestones hidden in it. 
Then I also made a Banner for my Etzy store using my girl. Which BTW, is me, and in real life I really do have 2 different colored eyes. I almost always change my eyes in Photoshop, to reflect just blue. But maybe having 2 different colored eyes is my superpower marking?
I ended up having to do it twice,
because I accidentally ripped it...long story...but I had fun with it.
Here is the first try at it, using mixed media.
She makes a cute cropped image too.
This is the original hand-painted design

This is after I touched her up in Photoshop, just a wee-bit :-)