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Laurie Jess 
This begins a new chapter for me, as I'm no longer an employee of any big "Hollywood" studios. I'm officially the Queen of my independent studio. I have moved from S. California & now living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Boulder.

Years ago, I began my career as a Community College & H.S. Art Teacher who eventually went to work within the Film & Print Industry as Artist, Colorist & CGI Matte Painter for DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Disney & others. My career path was not a straight journey, it also included a sucessful career as a top BMW saleswoman for 15 years in S.California and Interior Designer for Real Estate Full Service Home Staging.

Today, I'm currently transitioning out of the film & print industry. Artistically I continue to support important causes; Animal Rights & Environmental Causes. As a vegetarian, I will always support the animals and all things to protect our planet. As a Fractivist, I support our rights to clean air & pure water. 

My personal story: As an American teenager I grew up in Thailand & Malaysia, this made a huge impact on my influences in later years. I have a beautiful daughter I adopted from China. I currently live with her & my Danish husband in Boulder, CO. We share our home with a pile of pets. I enjoy hiking, gardening, riding horses in the upper meadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains. I stand up against those who destroy our beautiful planet & mess with its delicate balances. 
You can follow me on Twitter here; https://twitter.com/LaurieJess00
I endorse this 12 min. positive video; https://vimeo.com/13317130

My little family at old Mayan ruin

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 My Plant Based Passion

I support a plant based diet because of how animals are treated, love the healthy side effects and that it creates a smaller environmental footprint. Compassion, mercy, kindness & justice are part of my everyday principles which extend to my food choices. Today it has never been easier or more delicious to become Vegetarian, Pescetarian,Vegan or enjoy meatless Mondays.

Did you know it takes 660 gallons of water for 1 Hamburger? video clip 1
Animal Agriculture is the largest polluter & environmental disaster contributor on Planet Earth.
Did you know 91% of the rainforest was destroyed to raise Livestock? video clip 2
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(2nd) Cowspiracy

(3rd) Earthlings

ℒƠѵℯ is my belief.
Sentience is the bedrock of ethics.
The foundation of moral systems is that others matter.
Animals qualify, they are sentient beings

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