Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stained Glass Window Project

Last month I hired Randy Leever, the owner at Boulder Stained Glass Studio to make us two stained Glass windows (each approx. 4 feet x 2 feet) to be installed in the stairways of our brand new Boulder home.
I let Randy be the artist he is, with no interference from me and this is how everyone should allow an artist to work! I did ask for a "modern interpretation of Aspens". After that, I held back & this was especially hard for me because I use to make & sell Stained Glass windows in the 70's (back in the dinosaur days). That was how I paid for my college education. Randy's studio opened in 1976,  he has over 40 years experience and has made thousands of windows! 

The first time I saw the 1st finished window, it was hanging upside-down, leaning against a work table and I loved it! I didn't realize it was upside-down until he told me. FYI Did you know, a testament to a good design is to turn it upside-down and see if it still works with balance and design flow. If it works upside-down, it's a winner. 

Randy has now installed our 2nd window too. It went into the staircase next level up, same theme but new design. Our staircase leads to a 4th floor sky deck garden, but on the way up that stairway looked out at solar panels and I needed something to hide that. Yet both windows still let the light in & actually make the staircase more interesting. Naturally your eyes will focus on the design and not the outside solar panels_creating privacy too.

I'm very happy I selected Boulder Stained Glass Studio This art studio is perhaps the last of a dying breed of craft houses refusing to offer generic designs or become a mass production shop. Instead, each piece is uniquely handmade and offers highest quality craftsmanship. Randy made a great piece of Art for us. He's made 1000's of windows ranging for ; The White House, hotels, churches, restaurants, etc ... & now my home! He can fit all budgets into a plan. I highly recommend Randy as a talented artist & detailed craftsman. Professional business in every transaction and always putting the customer (me) first!
Give him a call at (303) 449-9030
Located 1920 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302. 
And check out his amazing Gallery;

First time I saw it, it was upside-down, yet still a winner!


The 2nd Window Installed;

This was a boring staircase 
made beautiful with a custom stain glass window
while providing privacy and yet still allowing the light in

Light plays the biggest factor on how it looks & photographs

Night time from outside, looking up!

Thank you Randy 
at Boulder Stained Glass Studio
Give him a call at (303) 449-9030
Located 1920 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302. 
And check out his amazing Gallery;

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our Friend Lisa Shapiro

An honor to call you my friend Lisa Shapiro.
Her legacy of being a passionate voice for the animals, 
animal rights activist and teacher for compassionate living will live on forever. 
May she rest in peace. 

Lisa Shapiro died peacefully in her sleep 
surrounded by loving friends on 11:11 pm June 11, 2015. 
I had dinner at her club house just last Saturday, June 6th.
It was one final Boulder, Colorado Vegan Meet Up Potluck Event at Lisa's club house.
Lisa was too weak to walk over__ so I knew.
I will miss Lisa, but I'm glad she no longer suffers.

Yes, even Vegans can get cancer, although somewhat rare. She died of stage 4 breast cancer, yet never even knew she was sick until just a few months before her death.

That night I met Tofurky Founder Seth Tibbot, he flew out from Hood River, Oregon, to offer his support to Lisa. He had made many trips. Seth treated Lisa like a cherished family member. He took care of all her financial needs. She was so much more than just his co-worker (and Seth the stellar boss we all wish we had). Well, to all of us she was a guiding light, friend, teacher & inspirer.

Lisa touched many lives, 4 years ago she took the time to help teach me how to switch over to Veganism. She voluntarily walked me aisle by aisle of the entire grocery store introducing me to all the vegan options. To all of us who knew her, she was the real deal, a living Saint! 

Seth wrote a lovely obituary;

Lisa will be remembered at the National Animal Rights Conference 2015 on July 30 - Aug 2 at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria in a number of ways:
* At the Saturday banquet, there will be a eulogy by Seth Tibbott and Donna Rhodes, with music and photographs being screened.
* The annual Youth Award has been renamed after her
* She is likely to receive the Grassroots Activist Award.
* On Sunday, at 6:30pm, friends and family will gather to remember Lisa's life and accomplishments. Refreshments will be served. 

This will be followed by a large celebration of animal rights at 8pm, New Orleans - style, as Lisa would have wanted. 
The celebration is open to all.