Sunday, September 21, 2014

People's Climate March



The Greatest Speech Of Leonardo DiCaprio | Climate Change 

2014 the Start;
Today 400,000. thousand good people marched together in New York to bring awareness. Simultaneously people all over the world marched demanding our leaders make changes to protect our planet!
Click to watch  film

full film (58 min) ;

So What Can We Do Right Now?
We can make a huge impact today!
View this wonderful 12 minute positive film;

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#FossilFuels  #Antiprogress 

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Have Fun!

 Every Artist Should Create a Selfie

I've created a few fun examples for my Selfie :

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of Santa Fe II Easel

Ah-inspiring way to begin the New Year! 

Yippee my new easel arrived Jan 2nd!!! (and just ahead of a big snow storm)

I was bestowed this incredible gift by my husband!
Yes I'm a lucky girl & very grateful!
I told him, he should make this my Birthday, Valentines, Christmas & all forthcoming 2014 gifts because it's so incredible!

This easel is Made in American by the Jack Richeson Co. AKA "BEST" out of Wisconsin,
It's so special it had to come via a freight truck company to arrive at my home in Colorado.
Too large for Mail, FedEx, UPS or any regular carrier services _ so yes it's a little pricey to ship!

It's made from Oak Wood & comes with a Lifetime Warranty, but only on the Oak version. An important thing to know, The Lyptus Wood version only comes with a 3 month warranty! Which is really too bad, because the Luptus tree is a renewable fast growing tree unlike the Oak Tree

After shopping many stores that carried this easel, my husband said Cheap Joe's had the best price. They were also very helpful & knowledgeable over the phone! He also had a coupon for an additional -15% off on Cheap Joe's already heavily discounted pricing. The shipping was $190, as much as this shipping cost seems high, that shipping fee was actually a good deal too.

I can certainly tell you this easel is very well made & a very nice looking piece of furniture too,  much nicer than the photos reflect.
I proudly give it 2 thumbs up & a 5 star rating!

Let me introduce my "Classic Santa Fe ll Easel"

it handles all sizes, from the tiniest canvas up to 106 inch, 300 lb. canvas. That's huge!
I love the Marin Wench System, so fun to use. This easel sits on rollers and uses a small footprint of space inside my studio!  I love that too! So easy to push around and adjusts to various position heights, angles & slants. 

This is a non paid endorsement of a product I simply love!
Here it comes, all 98 lb.
Such a big truck & it arrives just ahead of a big snow storm!
Made in the USA & comes with a Lifelong Warranty

Even the pets were curious waiting for me to open it!
They really know how to pack this baby !

Actually I was surprised 
how much of this easel was already put together!
It took me about 45 minutes to assemble & it was easy!

Going to have some fun with this baby!
It handles the tiny-tiniest canvas 
all the way up to 106 inches / 300 lb. canvas
Love the Marin Wench System and the rollers!
Best of all, it takes up a small footprint inside my studio!

Happy Studio Cat!