Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life Book Wk.12

Life Book Journal Class with Wyanne Wk. 12

Wyanne is a very creative artist & a fun teacher too! This week she had us make a "special envelope" for our journal book. This envelope will be a place to keep our special art complements.  Specifically, complements given to us from people about our art, including nice emails, note cards & such. These positive reminders are helpful when we need a boost to overcome our own inner critic.

I wasn't sure what to put in this envelope & then this happenned;

This project involved lots of fun experimentation with all kinds of new techniques & mediums.  She even introduced painting with coffee! I learned some cool techniques using coffee filters, paper towels, wax resist crayons. 
We were all reminded "no rules, go play" she said, "Experiment & have fun!"

Here is the link if you want to join our class, it is still open:
14 top teachers, currently 1125 students are enrolled & still joining.
It is a year long class, you go at your own speed, learning so many new art journaling techniques.
All levels are welcome. We get to meet people from all over this planet
& it is super fun too!
Painting on top of coffee filters & paper towels.
Let the wet watercolor painted paper filters & towels dry 

completely before lifting them off.
This makes some very cool effects. 

See that cup of coffee?
 Later, I painted my background with it!
See the cool textures you get from the paper towels?
Unfortunately, this went into the scrap pile because I hated these colors.
Time to play & experiment some more.
I experimented with dried leaves & watercolors.
I painted watercolor on top of a dried leaf

 & then pressed it down.
They were so pretty I decided to cut them out.
I added more watercolor & a white pen for details.
Ta da ... my final envelope's front view
Under the flap, finished inside view. 
I used a rubber stamp for that one upper leaf. 
I had organized my watercolor paints just before this assignment
Whoa, now I need to go clean up. 
My studio looks like a bomb went off


  1. wow absolutely stunning !! you re very gifted !!

    1. Thank you so much Glycerine. Talk about gifted, I just saw your blog & checked out your art, WOW, phénoménal, fabuleux !

  2. Your Tree is so beautiful, amazing, beautiful. I like it very, very much. Strong beautiful colours, and the leaves are so lightful, living!!

    1. Thanks Hanne, I explored your blogs & website. Exciting explorations of watercolor, pen & inks & etchings, all kinds of fun movement. I wish I could read Finnish, or at least, I think you are from Finland. Very cool art projects you have!!! Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Your peace make me want to do my own tree,it looks ablolutely incredible!!! Love the powerful colors and how you did the leaves and the writing on the sides... WONDERFUL !!!

    1. Thank You Piarom. Very colorful & intersting blog you have! I can't read German but my husband can. I'll be visiting Germany next month.

  4. Wonderful! I've been secretly hoping a creative frenzy bomb would go off in that way to organized and neat studio of yours! Your work is amazing! Great, great job sweetheart!

    1. I'm honored, Thank You Wyanne. This means a lot coming from you! L❤ve

  5. Love how you experimented with different techniques, Laurie, and your trees and leaves are gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your colour collection and your big studio... I don't even have a studio.

  6. Thank You Lucy, very kind of you! BUT wait, believe me when I tell you, you don't need a big fancy studio to be happy or make good art. Make some space at your kitchen table, all you really need is a table & bright lighting. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) did a lot of his works at his kitchen table !