Tuesday, March 27, 2012

China Adoption Journey

My China Adoption Photo Journey
Photo Journey;

This is a special story I'm posting to my Art Blog because it is my story. It is everything that influences my art, my passion & my life. This blog will always be a collective of visual experiences, points of interest, and thoughts from my noggin.

I hope this will inspire someone out there who is looking to have a child, or who might feel their time is running out. I was 49 when I adopted my first child. She has brought pure joy to our family, Maybe this will help you take that leap of faith!

I hope you will enjoy the following photo essay link; 

1st Week Home from China Video


  1. Such a nice story and didn't realize that age is but a number!! 49 seems old but it isn't since u and will make 57 this year and we are so young. I think u attract all living creatures around you... From your hubby to koi to even the eagles the pups kitties and as far away as china and Jaoan ...given our ties to Bangkok there has to be a link there

    1. Thanks MO, There is a "Red Thread" that connects you & me too!