Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Book Journal Class #5

This is Life Book Assignment Wk. #5
Artwork when cropped, often looks better 
See how these fun fibers sparkle? 
I painted this on my Birthday (yesterday Feb.1st)
 I had fun playing around with "Angelina Sparkle Fibers" for hair. 

This is how the original artwork really looks.
A portrait of me with my fantasy hairstyle. 
And Yes,
 I think it would be very cool to have pink & red dreads.
I'm probably on Facebook with my kitty,
 who often reads FB with me!


  1. Love it Laurie. Just had to pop on over and see it again on your blog. I just love your unique take on my class. Big, ginormous hugs, Kyles =D

    1. Kyles, with over 1025 students currently taking your Life Book class, it is a real honor to even get feedback from such a talented & busy teacher...very special & super nice of you stop by my blog. It's such a fun assignment! hugs & ℒℴve ♡ back to you