Sunday, July 3, 2011

How I Get My Creative Juices Flowing

"How I Get My Creative Juices Flowing"
Hello! This is my very 1st blog post. My goal will be to post video demos of being creative in my studio or announcements.
This being my very 1st minutes on my brand new blog, I'm trying to learn the ropes to using it. As a test I've decided to upload this family video. I hope you will enjoy it, I love the music!  
Hiking is a wonderful way to get everyone's creative juices flowing.
Whoopsie-daisy, there was so much beauty around me, that in this video, I trip over a big tree root as I walked along the trail, that was the knee scrap shot.  It was a fantastic day & we had a picnic at the top of our 8 mile hike. This is Brainard Lake in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado near Boulder.