Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stained Glass Window Project

Last month I hired Randy Leever, the owner at Boulder Stained Glass Studio to make us two stained Glass windows (each approx. 4 feet x 2 feet) to be installed in the stairways of our brand new Boulder home.
I let Randy be the artist he is, with no interference from me and this is how everyone should allow an artist to work! I did ask for a "modern interpretation of Aspens". After that, I held back & this was especially hard for me because I use to make & sell Stained Glass windows in the 70's (back in the dinosaur days). That was how I paid for my college education. Randy's studio opened in 1976,  he has over 40 years experience and has made thousands of windows! 

The first time I saw the 1st finished window, it was hanging upside-down, leaning against a work table and I loved it! I didn't realize it was upside-down until he told me. FYI Did you know, a testament to a good design is to turn it upside-down and see if it still works with balance and design flow. If it works upside-down, it's a winner. 

Randy has now installed our 2nd window too. It went into the staircase next level up, same theme but new design. Our staircase leads to a 4th floor sky deck garden, but on the way up that stairway looked out at solar panels and I needed something to hide that. Yet both windows still let the light in & actually make the staircase more interesting. Naturally your eyes will focus on the design and not the outside solar panels_creating privacy too.

I'm very happy I selected Boulder Stained Glass Studio This art studio is perhaps the last of a dying breed of craft houses refusing to offer generic designs or become a mass production shop. Instead, each piece is uniquely handmade and offers highest quality craftsmanship. Randy made a great piece of Art for us. He's made 1000's of windows ranging for ; The White House, hotels, churches, restaurants, etc ... & now my home! He can fit all budgets into a plan. I highly recommend Randy as a talented artist & detailed craftsman. Professional business in every transaction and always putting the customer (me) first!
Give him a call at (303) 449-9030
Located 1920 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302. 
And check out his amazing Gallery;

First time I saw it, it was upside-down, yet still a winner!


The 2nd Window Installed;

This was a boring staircase 
made beautiful with a custom stain glass window
while providing privacy and yet still allowing the light in

Light plays the biggest factor on how it looks & photographs

Night time from outside, looking up!

Thank you Randy 
at Boulder Stained Glass Studio
Give him a call at (303) 449-9030
Located 1920 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302. 
And check out his amazing Gallery;

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  1. That looks like an amazing project. Whenever my husband and I go into a church I always wonder how these stained glass windows are made. Thank you for taking the time to show your readers how to attempt a project like that. Thank you for the inspiration it is truly appreciated. I will be trying this project very soon, thanks.

    Christie Goodwin @ Window Enhancements LLC