Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Studio Storage

Chaos to Productivity

I know I have it,

but I can't find it! 

...this is my life in the studio...

Time to reorganize!

My studio turns into a big mess whenever I'm having fun!
Organization is something I'm always trying to improve!

I have a few ideas to share;

My New favorite thing is this Copic Storage Solution. I like it better than my Copic Marker Wire Stand & Block Stand. It can hang on the wall or sit on the table. I bought it on Ebay here:

I used to use this copic cube & rack system for my copic markers,
but NOT any more! It looks nice BUT...I stopped using these because it's a bother & struggle to put each pen back into the annoying slots. I like my new stand from Ebay better, it's way easier.

I bought this for the container not for the Crayolas
I keep my miscellaneous in this box from Faber Castell ($12).
I put my sticker on it to personalize it. 
Have you ever broken a glass water jar? I have! Now I use this very simple plastic container as my water bucket. It works great!

My studio's philosophy;
"unpack all art supplies, don't hide them away too deep. Keep them easy to get to"

at my fingertips

Always ready to use, Gouache tubes not hidden away in their original boxes/packaging. I found this 3 level metal basket (at Hobby Lobby) sprayed it powder pink & it works great. 

I do keep some things tucked away (but still easy to get to) like in these containers I keep all my stamps & stencil supplies.

I found this inexpensive vintage plant stand, it's old cool! I was going to paint it, but it has such a nice weathered look, I think I'll wait awhile & see if I still feel like painting it.
I bought this at Home Depot, it is a tool box. It was on sale for $38, on big rollers with a big handle in the back. So much storage for all my watercolor supplies & special tools. I sprayed the little drawers powder pink.
I also have this system for cataloging each new watercolor paint onto this master sheet & the book

I have many brush stands to lay my wet brushes onto while painting. The dog & cat are actually chop-stick holders & I use them the most!
I've been collecting cute unique tiny brush holders on Ebay

The dog & cat are fun & cute. I really do use them more than that real brush holder!
I painted pink this old dirty wooden antique find, it makes a nice brush holder.
Corner rack holds a lot in a small space.
The store, Ikea, has so many useful storage ideas & all inexpensive. I bought 2 things there last week! This cute turquoise rolling rack & black drawers.


  1. WHOA! It's jaw dropping how much art supplies you have, Laurie!

    1. I agree, and sadly I use my digital art supplies the most!

  2. Great space! Storage is the bane of my existence. :)

  3. Hi Cia, Thanks & yes a real nuisance indeed!

  4. So when are you coming to Florida to help me with my room...LOL

    1. Hi Trish, Thanks for stopping by. Florida is so beautiful that I bet you spend most your time outside anyway... LOL!

  5. I love all the storage ideas I especially like the dog and cat paintbrush holders-they are very cute!!
    new follower

    1. Thank You Hannah for visiting me. I checked out your blog too. Guess what? You were born the same year as my daughter! I think your art work is very beautiful! Keep exploring your imagination through art!

  6. Thanks for sharing! It's so much fun to see where other artists work and how they arrange their space. You've got some fun & fabulous ideas. :)

    1. Thank you Lynne for stopping by. I checked out your blog, very nice & Your art studio has the most fabulous natural light!