Monday, July 2, 2012

Magnet PrOjEcT

 Fridge Magnets

A simple little necessity, like the dot on the i
They hold special reminders on my kitchen fridge
I learned how to make these at's website,
They call them Moognets,
Fridge Moognets
Click this for Moo's Inspirational Gallery link
for making cool magnets like artist Luisa Vidal
Lisa Vidal is an artist that lives in Spain & I'm grateful for her inspiration & lesson.

These are my Moognets,
My Moognets are not for sell,
You can only receive them as a gift from me!

I often give them away,
as a little "Thank You"
for "liking" my Facebook page
                                     Which design do you like?

I make these from my mini business cards

I never sell these, they are always given as little gifts from me


  1. You have a very special gift Laurie! Wish I was half as talented as you. Love your work.

  2. Thank You Sue! But guess what? Everyone has some kind of special gift!