Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drawing A Drawing 365

Check This Out!!!
Artist Michael Shapcott Drawing A Drawing 365
Michael Shapcott inspires me!
I've posted about him on my facebook page but never here on my blog.
His portrait paintings stir emotions in me every time.
He has a unique way of capturing the human spirit. It's all in the eyes!

He also has developed his own magical techniques, little cool tricks.

Anyway, he's trying to fund a project, which I pledged an amount to help support. 
Check him out:

Watch a few videos of him painting

Surprise, a musician too!

And finally...you can learn more about Michael Shapcott and see more of his art here on his BLOG. Check it out, his work is beautiful, his blog is full of great stuff! 

Update: 2015 October;
Back in 4/2012, I sent money to Michael to help support his DVD Art Tutorial project. In return, he promised all who supported him copy of that new DVD within a year. He failed to make good this promise, we were all left empy handed. He was paid over $75,000.
This was all part of the KICKSTART PROGRAM. To this date, now 10-19-2015_ I have emailed him many times and he always replies "its coming soon!" He has failed us all with an empty pledge, broken promise on the DVD part of the promise. I did get a printed art poster, and a tiny postcard but not the one thing I really wanted most_ the Art Tutorial DVD explaining his process. He is the only person (of the many projects I've helped) to Fail me on the Kick Start Program. 
I still believe in his talent but not his integrity :-(

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