Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanko Stamp Experiment


Playing around, it's my 1st time to use my Hanko stamp into my painting, it's my signature logo. In Japan, they call this a "Hanko" and it is placed as a seal of authenticity. My stamp was hand carved from wood in Japan for me. I stamped it onto rice paper first and then stuck it onto this painting. Not sure if I will use it in this way. Maybe I should only stamp the backside of my paintings. Today I experiment with ways I can use my logo.


  1. Love it Laurie! In the same vein u have to do my M&M!

  2. Ah MO, my Japanese fan! Thank you so much! See how your stamp looks, great huh! I'm going to repaint my girls face. Her nose bothers me so I'm giving her a nose job! tee he