Sunday, August 28, 2011

Honored To Win

T-shirt Design Contest

Here is how it actually printed in the very end after many changes:

I'm honored to be voted the winner!

It was a close vote, there were many great designs ! 

I almost could not enter this contest ...
but hurray, finally my broken hand is healed! It was a long summer without being able to draw or paint. Then I started working on that pile of art projects that got put on the back burner. I learned once you stop, it's really hard to restart :-)

The first thing I did was create a design for an organization that is dear to my heart, my old high school.  They are having a big reunion. Know as ISB or The International High School of Bangkok Thailand, they pick a different state or country every 2 years to hold this big reunion. Last time it was held in Virginia Beach, VA and 650 alumni students from all over the world came. That one was actually my first one to attend. I only learned about it through Facebook. Facebook has helped unite my old school friends as we are scattered all over the world.

This upcoming 2012 reunion has a theme called "Rocky Mountain Thai".  Many designs were submitted by other alumni students & voted on by the entire alumni body. The winning design will be for the official t-shirt. The shirt is given as a gift at the reunion. The design should include Hanuman, our school's mascot. He is the magical monkey warrior in Rama’s simian army. There is no monitory award, but they do pay for the hotel room. For me, the best reward is the honor of representing my school on a Tee-shirt. 

ISB, back during the Vietnam War days, was the world's largest international school. It enrolled 4500 English speaking students from all over the world to attend school in Bangkok during the early 70's (my grades 10th -12th).  For me, it was a once in a life time school experience, and packed full of great memories growing up in Thailand as an American teenager while attending the world's largest International school!

(click on image to view super sized)

Above is the final design after tweaking it
** The 2012 ISB Reunion Logo Winner **
We decided not to put the logo on front.
No gals want to wear Rocky Mtn's across their own mountain range. 


  1. Hi Laurie, I love your work! Wish we could put you to work for ISKL too! : )
    Lauren Massy, ISKL Alumni Director

  2. Thanks Lauren, I appreciate your kind words. Hold a logo contest & it seems you will get more than you need for ISKL, currently ISB has over 20 entries.